Saturday, May 2, 2009

Date Night

Grandma came for a visit from California and with her came date night!!!!
Date night only comes twice a far. But you can rest assured it will be more often as soon as Moo moo is " baby sitter ready". This is just some random age that will alleviate some of the guilt and worry that accompanies date night, A's "magic" number was 2, but I have a feeling that Moo's will be a little lower!
Now, back to the good stuff the date! We decided to go to the Alamo Drafthouse again, this is the location of every date night since we've been in Austin. This incidentally the only place kids aren't allowed, and bars and casinos of course. Speaking of Casinos, we did have a fleeting thought of driving right past the Alamo, and not stopping until we got to Vegas. After much fantasizing we did stop at the alamo and watched a not so stellar movie, but when you have good food, great drinks, and your chivalrous husband back...does it matter?
Unfortunately with Grandma's visit comes an unconsummated date that would be a interesting blog, "Busted by Grandma".

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