Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pull ups anonymous

That's right! The girl that was to be married in a diaper hasn't worn a pull up to bed in over a month! She did have one, uh hum...."incident", but we have since then restricted liquid intake before bedtime and outfitted the mattress with a fancy plastic cover. I had planned on letting her where a pull up, well forever but was pleasantly surprised she settled for 2mths! Proving once again, no big girl pants before their time.

I do know of a couple of toddlers that actually initiated the potty training , but mine was not one of those children...not even close! I don't know why I thought it would be hard to try and convince a toddler to poop in a cup.

Alas I feel this is the first concrete, tangible evidence that I'm succeeding at my job. Sure plenty goes on behind the scenes that the public doesn't see, cuddling, feeding, praising, teaching, disciplining. But this, this undeniable proof that after much adversity a milestone has been reached, a goal has been accomplished!

Now how about that raise?


  1. Will a pat on the back work for a raise,lol You're an awesome Mom and to go with that pat on the back here's a big "ATTAGIRL" for you and for Ava!! Onto the next milestone:-)

  2. Princess and a Potty? I never knew a book like that existed. Hive five for that! Surely finding a book like that is worth a raise.