Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Mother's Day Elf

In an attempt to pump the toddler full of good Mother's day present ideas for Daddy I took her shopping to my favorite upscale, outdoor, you better just take your a** over to Macy's if you think your going to actually be able to afford to buy something here plaza. Like a real life Lucky magazine you want to break out the YES!, and MAYBE stickers and hope that the sales associates will mistaken them for money.

As we pulled up to the normally impossible parking situation, there it was, a parking space right in front of Tiffany's, like it had some sort of force field around it impenetrable to everyone except for the Mommy's worthy of treasure! As I started to pull in I was cut off by an even more deserving Mommy apparently. And by the car she was driving she might have been president of the PTA.

After finding our "new and improved" parking spot we started on our un-shopping spree. We visited countless stores and with each one improving on my child psychology.

" I like cookies, do you like this purse?"

"Look don't these shoes look like Cinderella's Slippers?"

"Mmmm smell...doesn't this necklace smell like gummy bears?"

To which she excitedly answered, "mmm I like some chocolate chip cookies!"

"But look at this cute iPhone!" To which she responds, " I like some fruit chewies!"aka gummy bears.

Feeling bad about trying to manipulate the child I took her to her favorite place to eat, chick fil a where they also conveniently had chocolate chip cookies. I'm thinking of stapling a wish list to her pajamas Saturday morning, and hope for the best.

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  1. You had me at Cinderella's Slippers....*sigh*

    I'll pray for both you and I tonight...that we wake up tomorrow morning to SOMETHING, ANYTHING!! A cup of coffee, for pete's sake!!

    (if you couldn't guess, my husband isn't the best at really whooping up a holiday...) :)