Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Red wine...

Call me oblivious but I haven't realized until recently that my three year old know the words to most of the songs on the radio. I discovered this the other night at bath time when out of the blue she belts out, "red wine! I've had a much too much!"

Since then I've realized that even though I don't hear her, chances are if I look in the rear view mirror her lips will be moving. Case in point Pink's song rock star, of course her favorite part in the song is "I'm gonna get in trouble, I'm gonna start a fight, nah nah nah....great! That should go over real well at play dates!

So, now the question is do I have to go out and buy a Disney's greatest hits CD, and turn off my beloved radio for good? The very thought gives me heart palpitations! I'm supposed to listen to "a small world" during one of the only conflict free times in this SAHM's day, not to mention one of the only times I can legally restrain a toddler and corrupt it with "when you wish upon a star"?

I guess there are worse things.


  1. Ha ha. My kids know most of the words to Pink's Rockstar too. That's a fav in our car and I'm required to Rock it(turn it loud) when it comes on. You'll fit in just fine with our playdate, nah, nah, nah,......

  2. oh yeah and trust me there are worse things out there:-)