Thursday, April 30, 2009

The one that got away

Once upon a time there was a beautiful shirt at that I could not live without...but I did. Apparently for too long because as I waited strategically for it to go on sale, it sold alright...sold out! Fast forward nearly a year later...another exciting night in my SAHM life, watching rate my space on HGTV and enjoying child free environment. What do I see the lucky home owner of a fabulous new room make over wearing? My shirt! And it looks even better than I remember! So now I'm on a mission, operation find ridiculously expensive shirt at all cost!

So now might be a good time to admit I covet clothing, and other meaningless material objects that will be of no importance other than to fill a bottomless void of some sort or at least that what Oprah said.

Alas I have sad news to report, after weeks of searching on eBay there has been no sign of the shirt.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The day of the Tinkerbell bathing suit

One not so sunny day in April morning Grandma made the mistake of letting her try on her new Tinkerbell bathing suit, and there it stayed for the rest of the day. I tried to convince her to take it off and put on some "real clothes" to which she replied "no Mommy! I no like it! Leave me alone!" Normally them's fighting words, but I remembered what I had heard from countless Moms and Supernanny on this issue. When a child is insistent on wearing something inappropriate out in public like their pajamas, or lets say a Tinkerbell bathing suit just give in and once they see the reactions of people they will be embarrassed and agree to get dressed in the future.

This theory probably works for the over three crowd, because she was feeling no shame running through Target, looking down every so often to admire her "beautiful new Tinkerbell bathing suit". She even stopped to try on a coordinating purse in the mirror.

The day however did not have a happy ending. Half way through our trip to Target the terrible 3's took hold. There was a scuffle over some sunglasses and that's all I recall as I strolled as fast as I could toward the exit only to leave poor Grandma with the check. Whether or not the Tinkerbell bathing suit is to blame shall remain a mystery.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One sticker please

One sticker what the sign read on the basket at the pediatricians office, but clearly the Mother of the little girl rummaging through it as we waited our turn did not read English. After five minutes of searching for the perfect sticker the little girl settled on TWENTY!!!!!! Now I read the sign myself, and it didn't say take one of each sticker it read take one sticker! She might as well have taken the basket too, after all it's a great place to keep all your stickers! AHHHHH! Don't get me wrong I would love for my child to have a stack of stickers, but then what would I be teaching her?

These are the same people that I wait in the bathroom for with my double stroller to use the handicap stall. Waiting, and waiting for the handicap person to emerge or any other reason that deem them incapable of using the five other empty normal sized stalls, only to see a perfectly capable and very selfish person emerge.

And yet the same people that think I've pushed the button for the handicap door for them, even when they see me coming through on the other side!

Just for this day I am renaming this blog Mommy tirade!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Restless SAHM seeks contentment

Once in a awhile I come across a fellow stay at home mom who wants to stay at home with the children until they are grown. After they start preschool, after they start kindergarten, after they start walking, or taking the bus home from school, after they start driving, basically until they leave the nest. That's when I think to myself " Wow she has found true contentment with being a SAHM...I have not, but desperately want to.

It's been approximately 3 years, 3months since I went on maternity leave never to return, and I can honestly say it was one of the happiest days of my life probably because I HATED my job.
Although I loved my coworkers, and the hours were good it was both emotionally and physically draining. So you would think after 3 years, 3 months, and two children later I would be content with my full time position as Mommy. Instead I long for a hobby( preferably on that pays), and continually plan my future career "after all the children are in kindergarten".

We are planning to have a third child, and want Moo moo to be about three. So then conceivably (no pun intended) I will be a SAHM for another 7 it or not contentment here I come!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you can't take the heat...

Well we finally found the perfect excuse to visit Daddy at work when his parents (aka Grandma and Grandpa) came for a visit. It was fun meeting all his students, and as usual he was proud to show off his girls!
The food was fabulous! For appetizers we ordered oyster beignets and chicken brochettes. Followed by Spinach salad with blue cheese, pears, and candied walnuts. For entrees my Mother in law and I had hoisin short ribs, my Father in law had red snapper, and gnocchi was split three A, Moo moo and the floor.

I've come to realize that saving the best for last is all about dessert! We shared three desserts bananas flambe, cinnamon creme brulee, and homemade candy bar with ganache. Yuuummmmm!!!!!

The girls were pretty well behaved except for the thin layer of food on the floor, the crying, the occasional spontaneous outbursts..."no!", "I want it", "I want down", and of course the child wielding the fork like a samurai sword.

Moo moo went crazy when John started cooking the bananas foster! When does pyromania manifest?

Thank you Daddy for having us! We love you!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

No sleep till....

Sleep is a luxury that I took for granted until I had children, that is! First couple of weeks up every half hour, hour if I was lucky. First couple of months every three hours, and we got very lucky with both girls, by the third month only one three o'clock feeding. I don't usually tell friends with infants this for fear of being kicked! Eventually they started sleeping all the way through the night, and what happens? Yep we got a little spoiled, and started to take the element that is as crucial as oxygen for granted...until last night. For reasons unknown the child and Moo moo took turns waking up, the first wake up call was at 11:30, the next 1:30, followed by 3am, and finally 5:30...grrrr!

When this happen the first thing I try to do figure out what went wrong , mostly to insure it doesn't happen again. Lucky for me one of them can talk (or unlucky) so I had at least half of the equation. Each time the child awoke she had to go "pee pee", so for the first time since we started potty training she cares if she pees in her pull up. This is a good thing for the future of potty training, but not so much for sleep. Needless to say tonight will be the first night all liquids will stop being consumed promptly by 7pm! Now I'm going to go take a much needed nap!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movin on up

Our little baby isn't a baby anymore! As if turning one wasn't enough, she finally hit 20lbs and all you Moms know what that means...time for new car seats! It seems like just yesterday we were strapping her in for her ride home from the hospital...sniff, sniff. We bought Ava a new "big girl car seat" and Moo moo got a slightly used one. She loves it! I knew it was time because she would start to get very cranky if we drove more than a couple of miles. Now she watches every window fully entertained, It won't be long until she dictating what song we listen to like her big Sister.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Secret Code Name: Mission Bluebonnets

There is a tradition every April in Texas which is taking pictures in the biggest field of bluebonnets that you can find. Even the most overprotective parent will risk life and limb to capture this coveted picture. An irresistibly beautiful patch along a busy road becomes fair game.

We opted to break onto our golf course because were not allowed on the golf course even though we live on it...hmmm. That make me wonder if the golf ball I found in our backyard is actually stolen property?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


The child has talking about dying Easter eggs all week. The poor girl has been carrying around the egg dye box explaining the process in great detail..."First mama will bring the beautiful colors, which color do you like best? Blue! I like the blue one! How about orange...yes! And then we'll put the Mickey tattoos on!"

Now the egg dying part went off without a hitch, the tattoos...not so much. What ever happened to the shrinky dink sleeve things that you put around the egg, drop them into boiling water and voila! So after all that hard work you'd think we would have put them in a baby sister proof place...oops!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Something happend almost on the exact day of the child's 3rd birthday...ATTITUDE! What seems like over night, my compliant two year old had turned into a tyrannical three year old.

Upon asking her to do something the response is almost always "huh?" Can you...huh? Will you...huh? Pick up...huh?

When the words "don't" start to come out of my mouth immediately the words "NO!" come out of hers. Don't touch the...NO! Don't put the...NO! Don't pull the cat's...NO! Naturally the next step would be for me to threaten a time out, the two year old would start crying while running to the designated time out area. The three year old has discovered how to manipulate the situation, and says I want a kissy and huggy! And what Mommy could resist, after all this is our paycheck.