Monday, May 4, 2009

All fours no more

Moo Moo, our little speed crawler has hung up her knee pads! Well kind of, crawling is still her preferred mode of transport but last night she took three steps, and this morning she was up to five! My first thought after what a proud Mommy I am is the poor cats! She's already been catching them pretty well, but now there is no stopping her. I wonder if they make rogaine for cats?


  1. yay!!! must be the cute dress LOL!

  2. WTG Maddie!! Watching your baby take their 1st steps is one of those priceless moments. Now that Maddie is walking, I guess you guys need to start working on #3 ha ha.

    BTW, Loved the cat rogaine comment. Well if you can not do rogaine on your cats just rename them to patches,lol.