Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where's the mote?

Have you ever seen a grown man lose the remote control for an entire day? I's not pretty. A transformation occurs, and not like the good butterfly kind.

Last week the child lost the "mote" as she calls it, or at least she was the last one seen with it. So my husband bless his heart thought he would simply ask the child the location, and she would simply lead him right to it...wrong. Oh she was obliged to hunt for the mote, what a fun game! "Where's the mote? Where are you mote?"

That day my Husband went through the 7 stages of remote loss:
Hope-the search
Anger- when I find the remote I will be the only one to use it!
Hope-more searching
Denial-changing the channels manually, and acting like nothings wrong.
Revelations-buy a new remote
Hope-more searching
And finally hopelessness.
After hiding all the pills and ropes on the premises I decided to search the couch one last time...Yep there it was the whole time.

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