Monday, May 11, 2009


When would you ever normally give a three year old an object that weighs 14lbs and tell her to throw it...hard! At a three year old My little pony bowling birthday party of course!

Ava has been talking about going to the "Birthday party bowling party" all week, and it was finally here. The kids colored, played, and ate pizza.
But we're missing something...Bowling takes energy, so bring on the sugar!Giving cake to a bunch of 3yr olds at 11am might not be the best idea, but a Birthday necessity none the less. So bring on the cake, and soda! Can't forget the soda! And they're's Ava on the far side, and Madison on the near, now it's Ava, now Madison...

Bowling was so fun that someone forgot to go to the potty. Out of the blue Ava started crying hysterically exclaiming she had to go pee pee, the crying was a dead giveaway that she waited too long. So we are running through the bowling alley mowing over slower moving patrons as we go. As I suspected...too late!

That was the beginning of the end, we left shortly there after, but will be back to bowl another day. Minus the cake and soda.

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