Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A the Ladybug

I hadn't seen her so excited since her own birthday party as she left Bailey's with own pet ladybugs in hand...or so she thought. The whole way home she talked to the ladybugs and introduced Moo to her new pets, "look Moo twenty ladybugs!" (In actuality five) " Look Moo, are the Cute?" Look at his little wings Moo!"

And the whole way home I wondered how I would break the news that we would have to set the ladybugs free. When we got home I realized how close we had come to an early release, she had broken the tape on one of the sides and was working on prying the top off. I instantly had a renewed love for chatty toddlers, If it hadn't been for her lengthy, and repetitive conversation with Moo she might have actually set her "twenty new pets" free.

Surprisingly she was very excited to let the ladybugs go once she discovered they would fly away, apparently a departure worthy of applause. The ladybugs flew away one by one except for the last, she must not have gotten the memo about wing plucking toddlers. Lucky for "A the ladybug" A the three year old did not want to touch her, just observe her until she finally flew away.


  1. THAT is the cutest parting gift I have ever seen. And your daughter is adorable. :)

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  3. that is such a fun idea! such a sweet ladybug!