Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A cautionary tale for cat owners

Today I found the child screaming and jumping for her balloon we had gotten at the grocery store earlier that day. The balloon was stuck to the ceiling and the lollipop was on the ground, both had only an inch of curling ribbon left.

Now to understand why this struck fear in my heart I have to take you back to a much simpler time...Imagine if you will August 2005, 6am, our tiny one bedroom apartment in San Francisco, I was awoken by a smell that can only be described as "cat poop". I opened my eyes and saw our cat Winston sleeping next to me in his usual place, but something was different about him this morning...hmm what was it? Oh yay he was covered in poop! I immediately jumped out of bed and saw it was on me, on my pillow, on the sheets...ahhh! To make matters worse I was 5mths pregnant. As I looked at him I could see there was something hanging from the backside of the cat...so that is where the curling ribbon from this weekends unwrapped birthday gift disappeared to. As I chased through our 900sq. ft apartment in an attempt to do as much damage control as I could, the ribbon dangled from side to side hitting every wall, door, and window in it's path.

The bandit was finally apprehended, and because I was not so much as to clean the litter box because of my delicate state, poor Hubby left to clean the entire mess.

The moral of the story: Cats and curling ribbon do not mix.

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