Monday, May 25, 2009

Three things

I saw three annoying thing at the pool today.

1. The Mom/Victoria Beckham impersonator complete with tummy tuck and boob job who couldn't stay seated to save her life! As though I needed to be reminded every two minutes as she walked past me of my not so toned tummy and breasts that aren't exactly standing to attention.

2. The boys that kept throwing a football two inches from my baby's head, and their Mother who said nothing! Which also happened to be the same boys who hogged our toys, and took a bite out of our noodle (A noodle is a long Styrofoam thingy that floats) ...really? So that's how all the noodles get that way! This one kid must go from pool to pool, preying on intact noodles!

3. The two mystery swimmers that claimed the two best seats at the pool by way of a perfectly folded towel on each seat had yet to show themselves. In our two hour visit to the pool no one used the seats, or had the guts to move the towels. Who are these people? Some masochistic pool goers that get there at 8am and set the towels down just in case they decide to actually go to the pool. This is genius! The first time i experienced it was on a cruise ship. As my husband and I headed off to the pool on our 1st day at sea only to find the same perfectly folded towels on several of the seats. No doubt placed there by a half asleep shipmate at the crack of dawn to secure a seat when they decide to roll out of bed at noon.

I just hope when the day comes that I have new boobs, and have developed some sort of sickness that allows me to believe my children can't do wrong, I just hope someone has the guts to take my perfectly folded towel and throw it in the water!


  1. Whew...that is a tough day at the pool!

  2. I will totally throw your towel in the water! We had the same experience on our cruise! so annoying!