Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The bachelorette that is. What a boring waste of television! I have been a devout follower from it's conception, but there is something extra boring about this season. I say extra because it's not the bachelor. Men just can't bring the irrational hair pulling goodness Women can.

What's the appeal of this show? Twenty five women in a panic to get married or get famous...I don't know which is more pathetic. And when a delusional goal to marry a Man that you've group dated for 3 weeks(or however long it actually amounts to) can only attract one type of Women...a N.I.N.I(narcasist, insane, needy, insecure)

A man can bring J.E.R.K( yeah no acronym here) just the straight up lying player that has winning in mind, and possibly other thoughts, and may or may not have a girlfriend at home. Now I can speak for my self when I say I've seen enough of these live, no need to watch them on T.V.

There is also D.O.R.K(again no explanation). Don't get me wrong geeky guys can be adorable but not when you pair it with the delusional goal to marry a Women you've group dated for 3 weeks. This also happens to be the guy that cries after being eliminated. Actually I think this show is called the tool academy.

Lets Talk a little bit about hot tubs. Hot tub full of Women...good, hot tub full of Men...bad. There is just something wrong about a whole bunch of Men packed into a hot tub together.

The bottom line is that women bring something Men do not...DRAMA, and let's face it that's entertainment!

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  1. Jenn,
    I totally agree. I watched a tiny bit of The Bachelorlett on the 1st night and I was like how LAME. Not sure if I'm just over the whole concept or what, but I totally hear what you are saying..... Now how about some good trash talking Daisy of Love. Not sure what is more pathetic, the show or that I'm admitting that I've actually watched it, he he he