Friday, June 12, 2009


I found it strange that with Father's Day just around the corner, when all Walmart, Target, and Sears ads have nothing but ideas for Dad...Nordstrom had nothing but ideas for Mother's Day gifts.

When I opened my "90 finds under 90 dollars"...Hmmm...nothing for Dad! Maybe Father's Day doesn't exist at Nordy's?

But the more I though about it I realized this was a brilliant ad campaign to lure Women in to buy for themselves, and end up buying for Dad too!

Bravo Norstrom Bravo.
Why can't they do this at Mother's day?Send out an ad filled with tools, grills, guns, flat screens, pretty much everything they don't sell. Before Dad realizes he was duped he's already bought a really thoughtful gift!


  1. Well, what are you buying for "your" Father's Day present,lol?? I would like a day at the spa:-)

  2. Brilliant! I would have never thought of that! Hope you get yourself something good. :)

  3. I agree that would be a great idea.