Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From pet to person

Somewhere between the ages one and three my toddler turned from pet to person. Albeit a very demanding pet, to a very disobedient little person. The metamorphosis is undeniable as I watch my sweet one year old and my sometimes not so sweet three year old.

My one year old, an agreeable little being that lives for my attention, lights up when I walk into the room, and would wag her tail if she had one.

My three year old eager to claim her independence doesn't want to be told what to do, even if she originally wanted to do it.

In the morning my one year old hands me all of her worldly possessions (which consists of her stuffed rabbit, blanket, and pacifier) as a thank you for freeing her.

My three year old demands I help her put on her favorite princess dress, or she will not come out of her room.

My one year old lets me change and dress her with little protest.

My three year old screams "no" as she runs away from her carefully chosen outfit demanding once again what else? Her princess dress.

My one year old eats everything before it even hits the tray on her highchair.

My three year old won't eat anything that doesn't have the words "chicken" and "nugget" in the title.

My one year old actually let's me know when it's nap time.

My three year old lays on the floor of her bedroom screaming, "let me out! I not want a nap!"

For the sake of sounding like I'm not enjoying this motherhood thing I'll stop now...and just say that as trying as it can be it really is magical seeing a pet turn into a person.


  1. Ummmm...I think we are raising the same three year old;)

  2. GREAT post! I love the toesies pic!!! My two year old is losing the "pet" by the second! It saddens me yet thrills me at the same time! I am not sure I am ready for two little people ;)

  3. So, so funny! I felt the same way about my kids. One of my daughters brought her little sister to school for Pet Day one year. I think the teacher thought we were nuts!

    What a cute picture too!