Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pool Shark

I think our three year old might be in sales when she grows up, that or a con artist.
She has no problem walking up to total strangers and get them to do her bidding. The other day we were at the park, one minute she's standing near the swings, next minute she's swinging. She conned another Mom to put her in the swing, and push her!
At a birthday party about a month ago every time I'd see her she'd have a new piece of candy unwrapped( a feat she has not mastered), and of course it was a Father who was happy to oblige.
I think it's time for the "don't take candy from strangers" conversation!
Of course she has her little Sister completely snowed often convincing her give up the best toy for something almost as great, like a dried up piece corn from under the highchair. Poor Moo doesn't stand a chance.
So today at the pool she tried to strike up a conversation about her little mermaid beach ball with anyone who would listen. She especially likes to chat with the napping pool goers. They pretend not to hear her, but she doesn't let that stop her.
Her most impressive heist of the day by far was hijacking some poor Women's air mattress while she was still on it, and I think she might have found a third Grandmother! Little stinker!

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