Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Muffin Top

Pregnancy and childbirth with my first child left my body completely unscathed. This should have been a sign from the plastic surgery gods to stop while I was ahead. My second ruined me from head to toe! My complexion, breasts, abs( or lack there of), legs, and even feet!

In the last week of my pregnancy she dropped, and I could literally see the stretch marks appear in the course of a day! And that wasn't the worst part, lets just say I couldn't sit down. "OK little stinker, let's just see if you get that car on your sweet 16 now!"

She went a week over due, so we scheduled an induction for the following Monday morning at 8am....at 6am she decided to give herself up.

Long after her birth the hyper pigmentation, sagging sippy cups, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, varicose veins, and half size bigger feet remained.

But Something extraordinary was brought to my attention last week as I was getting dressed....I have a whole new body part!


  1. You are too funny. Give yourself a pat on the back or muffin top,lol because you look good sister:-) After having children you just have to embrace your new lovely sagging body.

  2. give me a BREAK! you look fantastic!