Monday, June 22, 2009

One down, a closet full to go

You could say I have a problem getting rid of clothes I haven't worn in " at least a year", or five years. Some might refer to me as a pack rat (love you Hubby) which I don't agree with! You never know when you'll need a very matronly, and not so figure flattering black sweater. So I put my old INC sweater, circa 1999 in the wash in hopes that if I washed the "hasn't been worn in five years smell out" I would love it once again.

I decided to try it on and ask the opinion of my little fashionista.

Me: "Sweetie, is this cute?"

The child: "No!"

Me: Laughing to hard to respond.

The child: "No, no it's not right."

Me: About to pee myself

The child: "Here, let me get you a new shirt."

Out of the closet she comes with anything, and everything that she could find on the closet floor that was pink.

The child: " Here is a new, new, new orange shirt, and sparkly pink pants.

Me: " This is what you want Mommy to wear? Together?"

The child: "Yes, beautiful Princess Mommy."

And with that I put on the orange tank with my Victoria Secret sweats, and tossed the once beloved sweater into the donation bag.


  1. Don't you love children's honesty:-) If I want an honest opinion I always ask my kiddos. Sometimes I do really like their response, but at least I know it is not candy coated:-) Happy closet purging.

  2. LOL, too cute! I used to dress up in my mom's 80's clothes!