Thursday, June 4, 2009

The most appauling crime of all

Yesterday, while watching our local news I was reminding once again of the hands down, most appalling crime worthy of the death sentence of which I am normally not an advocate of. A Mother who harms her own child! At a local children's hospital a Mother, and I use that term very loosely was caught on camera putting fecal matter onto her toddler's IV. This little girl was born premature, and has been sick the majority of her life(hmm I wonder why?) I actually read about her in a blog I follow, because the Mother had a blog about her sick little girl.

Now not many things strike cords with me like this subject, I am simply sickened! First of all I don't know why just anyone can breed, what other job as important as parenting( there isn't one that even comes close by the way) can you decide you want to do and do it? No school, no entrance exam, no degree, no Psychological evaluation! A Mother harming her own child seem so much worse than a stranger to me. This little being looks to it's Mother for love and protection, and this is how you treat this precious gift that has been given to you. It is just so sad.

She told the police that she kept her child sick for the attention, Munchhausen syndrome I guess. I just hope that with all the "attention" that is attainable with any number of social Internet media that this was an isolated incident.

Enough of this blog stuff...I need to go love my precious gifts!

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