Thursday, April 9, 2009


Something happend almost on the exact day of the child's 3rd birthday...ATTITUDE! What seems like over night, my compliant two year old had turned into a tyrannical three year old.

Upon asking her to do something the response is almost always "huh?" Can you...huh? Will you...huh? Pick up...huh?

When the words "don't" start to come out of my mouth immediately the words "NO!" come out of hers. Don't touch the...NO! Don't put the...NO! Don't pull the cat's...NO! Naturally the next step would be for me to threaten a time out, the two year old would start crying while running to the designated time out area. The three year old has discovered how to manipulate the situation, and says I want a kissy and huggy! And what Mommy could resist, after all this is our paycheck.

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