Thursday, April 16, 2009

No sleep till....

Sleep is a luxury that I took for granted until I had children, that is! First couple of weeks up every half hour, hour if I was lucky. First couple of months every three hours, and we got very lucky with both girls, by the third month only one three o'clock feeding. I don't usually tell friends with infants this for fear of being kicked! Eventually they started sleeping all the way through the night, and what happens? Yep we got a little spoiled, and started to take the element that is as crucial as oxygen for granted...until last night. For reasons unknown the child and Moo moo took turns waking up, the first wake up call was at 11:30, the next 1:30, followed by 3am, and finally 5:30...grrrr!

When this happen the first thing I try to do figure out what went wrong , mostly to insure it doesn't happen again. Lucky for me one of them can talk (or unlucky) so I had at least half of the equation. Each time the child awoke she had to go "pee pee", so for the first time since we started potty training she cares if she pees in her pull up. This is a good thing for the future of potty training, but not so much for sleep. Needless to say tonight will be the first night all liquids will stop being consumed promptly by 7pm! Now I'm going to go take a much needed nap!!!

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