Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One sticker please

One sticker please....is what the sign read on the basket at the pediatricians office, but clearly the Mother of the little girl rummaging through it as we waited our turn did not read English. After five minutes of searching for the perfect sticker the little girl settled on TWENTY!!!!!! Now I read the sign myself, and it didn't say take one of each sticker it read take one sticker! She might as well have taken the basket too, after all it's a great place to keep all your stickers! AHHHHH! Don't get me wrong I would love for my child to have a stack of stickers, but then what would I be teaching her?

These are the same people that I wait in the bathroom for with my double stroller to use the handicap stall. Waiting, and waiting for the handicap person to emerge or any other reason that deem them incapable of using the five other empty normal sized stalls, only to see a perfectly capable and very selfish person emerge.

And yet the same people that think I've pushed the button for the handicap door for them, even when they see me coming through on the other side!

Just for this day I am renaming this blog Mommy tirade!


  1. girl, you need a night out! release some of those negative thoughts with some good old dinner and drinks with friends! you are too funny!

  2. I hear ya sister!! How about the person that pulls right up next to you while you are trying to get you kiddos out of their car seat. I mean come on people, there are a billion other parking spots out there. Why do they need to park right next to the Mom who is already struggling to get her kiddos in/or out of the car.