Friday, August 28, 2009

A morning all to myself....well kind of

Monday my Husband was kind enough to take the girls to the gym with him, and the girls were kind enough to go. So a carefree morning of shopping awaited...kind of.

On the way to my first store, Hobby Lobby(by the way the BEST home decor/ knickknack place in the world) I only checked the back seat....hmm fifty times. And I almost made it into the store without going back to the car to make sure I didn't somehow manage to imagine the whole "children free morning scenario" and leaving them in the car.

I know what everyone is thinking, cuckoo( yay I know) and you need to get out more without the children. Working on it.

After I stopped checking for children, and checking my cell phone I realized this is very necessary! The best part was being greeted at the door with their little tails wagging!

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  1. Ha, that is how I felt Monday when we dropped Kaden off at school. It was so quite in my car that I was wondering if I left all of my kids at school!! Hope you have more kid free mornings!