Monday, July 27, 2009

Showdown at Chick fil A

It was the best of times at the Chick fil a play area, it was the worst of times at the Chick fil a play area.

The events you are about read actually took place, names have been changed to protect the guilty.

11:45 "Poopy head" and I walk into one Chick fil a restaurant for an enjoyable lunch with friends.

11:50 "lucky to still be growing" notices a play scape, and rushes off to play.

11:51- 11: 57 Mommy and her adult friend exchange calm, rational conversation.

12:00 Food arrives and Mommy tries to retrieve "cranky pants".

12: 05 "Booger face" throws herself to the ground claiming she doesn't want to eat!

12:10-12:25 Children eating, and jovial, sane adult conversation is allowed to continue.

12:26 Children return to the beloved play scape.

1:00 Mommy tries to explain to " The girl that was supposed to go to Disneyland in December, but might not be now" that it's time to leave.

We did eventually leave Chick fil a after many "full body on the ground tantrums", crying, screaming, hitting, many looks of shock, even more looks of pity. I know with time, and maybe some Prozac we will leave the house again one day.


  1. We all have our days and it just happened to be your lucky day today. I'm sure I'm due for one of those days soon. Glad we got to catch up and looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!!

  2. its all in a days work! happy days tomorrow I am sure!

  3. Why is this so relatable?? Why can't kids just smile and tell us we're pretty all day? Are we asking too much??

  4. Why does this just make me worry about the next time it happens to me?

  5. ummm... are you writing a biography on me? :)

  6. I think this fits in my house sometimes too...don't you just love those dramatically throw myself on the floor screaming crying tantrums? grr

    I hope you get to go out again soon!

  7. Yipes!

    I've had days like that with my daughter. I seriously think she's starting the whole PMS thing early..

  8. I gotta say, living in Chicago, I feel so out of the loop without a Chick Fil A:(